Basic SEO for your website

Website design and development should be developed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. So which platform should you build your website on to maximize your SEO efforts?  For your best website choose the best tech development I suggest Finasoft technologies they have cheapest cost.

Below are the basic for your website SEO.


There is probably no more basic strategy for SEO than the integration of internal links into your site — it is an easy way to boost traffic to individual pages.  And with all other SEO approaches, be sure your links are appropriate, and be careful not to cross the line into excessive linking — you don’t want your visitors to get annoyed.


Content is another factor for search engine optimization it’s just chillin’ with its pal backlinks and it’s not going anywhere. Google wants you to produce fresh content consistently so it knows that you’re still active.

Content keeps people on your site. This is a signal to the search engines that you’re providing relevant and useful information.

Below are  some top tips for producing SEO-friendly content

  • Create a long form content -> Your content needs to be as long as possible to give it depth. Longer content provides more utility to your site’s visitors. It also gives you space to target as many keywords as possible – whether intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Try different types of content -> Different types of content or blog posts can serve different purposes. And the greater idea is to produce your own content.
  • Reporpose old Content -> Sometimes, content needs repurposing to keep it fresh. In the SEO world, for instance, trends and developments move swiftly. This means content on SEO topics made a few years ago don’t contain the most up-to-date advice. It’s your content and you do what you want.


Meta description and headlines of your post or page is displayed in the search results. It’s probably the first thing a person sees.

This is your first empression, So you want to make it a good one. Because it helps people decide whether to click on your result or not.

The way people engage at this point is called the click-through rate (CTR). It compares the number of people who click on a result and how many people see it. And CTR is an important ranking factor. So you can and should optimize your headline and meta description to improve the click-through rate.

 Some tips for the best meta descriptions  and headlines

  • Place keywords close to the beggining

Place them in a natural position, but as close to the beginning as possible. That way Google will receive your signal loud and clear.

  • Make it catchy and clickable



So what can you do to give users an easy experience

  • Increase website speed-> Well, there are some methods that require tech skills and some that don’t.
  • keep it clean, clear and simple -> You need a simple message and clear sections so users can find what they’re looking for



Too many ads are going to keep visitor off.  Particularly on mobile


Mobile SEO is actually more important than ever.  Google will soon be using page speed as a mobile ranking factor, which they announced on their Webmaster Central Blog:

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