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Tasty Bakery and Café opened its doors in September 2016 in the heart of Mikocheni Centre a neighborhood with a rich history of beautiful homes, creative residents, and small local shops and restaurants.

Tasty Bakery was started out of passion for good pastry and coffee. She is determined to give customers value for money with the best kind of pastry and bites available.

The space in a new building was a hidden gem and a perfect space for a cozy European-style pastry shop & café with local influences. With ample seating space inside and a few chairs outside we offer a warm environment that is both pleasing and comfy as you enjoy your snack & coffee on your way to work or from work.

We hope the neighborhood will embrace Tasty with our amazing quality pastries, food and drinks. We intend to keep the same relaxed and chic atmosphere which also has free wi-fi and has ample parking space available.

Tasty is proud to be known as the best scratch bakery in town. The staff is wonderful and the talented chefs create delicious, fresh food using the best ingredients. Handmade crepes, grilled paninis, salads and soups are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pastry selection includes croissant, macaron, cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies, tarts, crepe cake, and many seasonal offerings.

Tasty Bakery and Café is a few doors down from Shoppers Plaza. It’s there that Tasty’s creative cake team bakes and decorates original works of art for weddings and special occasions.
Finally, Tasty Bakery and Café also offers catering – breakfast and lunch trays, box lunches and pastry trays. Both on-site and off-site catering.

Tasty Bakery and Café shares a commitment to the community, and a passion for excellence in food and service.

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