Keys to manage your website after launch

The launch is the crucial first step in any Website. That after the launch it’s time to relax, after all, all of the hard work is finished, right? Well, YES and NO.

Launching does take a lot of time and energy and a lot of people never actually make it to this point. However, if you truly want your website or web app to succeed and grow, then you need to consistently update and improve your site.

If your site has been live for a while or your site is brand new then we recommend reading carefully these steps on how to manage your website after launch.

Clean up Post that related to Launch Tasks

After the congratulation is over, it’s time now to sit and start working, Since website launches are generally very stressful times, and chances are you might have glossed over some crucial areas of your website — it’s important to delete all post that related with launching a website as soon as possible

  • Check your website speed:-
  • Double-check all images
  • Do a content run through
  • Multiple screen size check
  • Go through Form and do sig up pathway and logins
  • Create and submit your XML Sitemaps

Create and Execute Marketing Strategies

For your website or web app to succeed you’re going to need a way to increase your traffic and customers. Your launch may have made a big splash, but what are you going to do to sustain that momentum?

Below are summarized steps

  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

You might not have enough data or traffic to begin optimizing your website right away. But, proper optimization is crucial if you want a site that allows your business to grow. How else will you know what aspects of your site your audience finds the most valuable?

General Website Maintenance and Protection

Without a proper maintenance plan and schedule, there’s an increased risk your website is going to break or become vulnerable to being hacked. None of these are fun to deal with and they can be easily avoided through the steps below.

  • Common Maintenance Protocol
  • Regular Website Backup
  • Ensure Theme and Plugins re up to date
  • Run a database sweep
  • Do routine website test
  • Complex Password
  • Consider a firewall
  • Protect your admin’s directories

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